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Fliers and Posters

June 24, 2011 by admin

Flyer for Najla Said's play "Palestine"
Ad on Iran to be published 3/12/12
Published Heller Op-Ed on Gaza Boat download (.jpg file)

Short Answers to Questions on Israel/Palestine download (Word file)

All 5 in CT Congress Approve Flotilla Murders download (Word file

We Should Have Nothing to Do with Israel download Word file 

Heller Op-Ed on Tristan Anderson download Word file 

"Scholar" Benny Morris download 

The Doctor Worked in Israel...and the Army Killed his Daughters 

Unemployed? .... It's Times You Paid your Taxes for Israel download (Word document) 

We Can't Afford War with Iran download (Word document) 

Petition "We Can't Afford War with Iran" download (Word document) 

Israel and the War (revised June 2008) download (Word document) 

Palestinians and the US Labor Movement download (Word document) 

Which Union Leaders are Bucking the Tide? download (Word document) 

Publicity for The Struggle TV News (general leaflet) download (pdf) 

Publicity for The Struggle TV for Manhattan download (doc) 

Publicity for The Struggle TV for West Haven, New Haven, Hamden, CT download (doc) 

Publicity for The Struggle TV for Norwalk-Greenwich download (doc) 

Publicity for The Struggle TV for Rhode Island download (doc) 

Publicity for The Struggle TV for Storrs - Windham and area download (pdf) 

Stanley Heller's Forum Piece in the Register on Palestine Visit download (pdf) 

Half page flyer advertising The Struggle Video Network. download (Word)

Don't Attack Iran.. End the Siege of Gaza download (Word) 

Ready to Attack Iran? (half page leaflet) download (Word) 
Are You Anti-Jewish if You Criticize Israel? download (Word)

Hartford and New Haven Labor Councils Call for Immediate Withdrawal download (Word)

Discrimination against (Word)

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