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Write an Op-Ed!

January 6, 2011 by admin

What You Should Know Before Writing an Op-Ed

Most of big newspapers want an exclusive with your piece. That means they don't want you to send it around to other editors. They expect you to allow them to look it over for several days. 

Make sure you include your name, address, home phone. Explain why you have expertise in the area and your title in any relevant organizations. Expertise doesn't have to me an academic degree. Eyewitness information is often just as good.

Usually papers want op-eds to be about some issue in the news rather than a response to an article in that newspaper.

The Wall Street Journal 
or fax 212-416-2255.............keep piece from 600-1200 words...(E) 

USA Today 
att: Forum Page Editor...600 to 800 words 

The New York Times 
Fax: 212/556-4100..................800 words or less///(E) 

Los Angeles Times 
700 words...(E) 

Washington Post 
700-800 words...(E) 

Newsday (Long Island, NY) 
att: Viewpoints Editor....700-800 words 

Dallas Morning News 
750-800 words 

San-Francisco Chronicle 
650 words or less 

Boston Globe 
att: Marjorie Pritchard..........700 words or less 

Plain Dealer (Cleveland OH) 
700 words or less 

The Star Ledger (NJ) 
800 words or less 

The Philadelphia Inquirer 
700 words or less 

Arizona Republic 
submit a piece for the "My Turn Columns"....under 600 words 

Denver Post 
650 to 700 words 

Detroit Free Press 
750 words or less, prefers local writers 

Atlanta Constitution 
750 words 

Baltimore Sun 
about 700 words. To follow up, call Mr. Block at 410-332-6051. 

San Jose Mercury 
follow up Jim Braly, 408-920-5475 

Hartford Courant (CT) 
CT residents preferred... 

Raleigh News and Observer (NC) 
650-750 words 

Providence Journal (RI) 
700-900 words 

For other major papers and detailed advice see the website of the 
Communications Consortium and Media Center 


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