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Activist Techniques

January 6, 2011 by admin

 An ever growing library of methods and techniques to get your point across. Your ideas welcome! 

Picket Signs Instead of hand lettered picket signs have a good printer print out words on legal size paper, landscape view. Get a ream of yellow legal size paper and print on that. Black letters on a yellow background really stand out. Make the font as large as possible, perhaps 220 in size. Attach the letters to foam board with Kodak removable tape. That way you can pull off the pages from the foam board without causing any damage. Foam board is about $6 per board, removable tape $3 a roll. 

Reporting on Demostrations. The media will give you very little coverage if any. Tell your story. After the event and before you start to relax, write a two paragraph summary of what happened and send it to the net. Take video and photos of demonstrations. Make a YouTube of the action. Try to get close-up's of people. Little heads of speakers in a picture are not where it's at. 

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