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Anti-War, Anti-Apartheid Chants

January 6, 2011 by admin

Obama, Don't Lie to Me!
Bombs don't Bring Democracy!
War and Occupation Will Never Bring Liberation!

That's Bullshit! Get off it! this War is for Profit!
We don't want this lousy war
Bring 'em home, Set the date 

Support the soldiers and the vets
Cut the war, not benefits 

Blacks, Latinos, Arab, Asians and White
This Racist War no More, No More
Defend our Civil Rights 

Caterpillar, you will pay
For all the homes you turned to clay 

Occupation is a Crime
In Iraq and Palestine

Hey Hey, Ho Ho
the Apartheid Wall has got to go 

El Pueblo Unido
Jamas Sera Vencindo 

George Bush, we know you. 
Your daddy was a killer, too. 

Drop Bush
Not bombs 

What does democracy look like? 
This is what democracy looks like. 

What do we want?
When do we want it?

Hell no we won't go
we won't kill for Texaco


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